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Why Choose Harv’s Tyres for Your Lift Kit Install?

For those who are looking for a high-quality lift kit suspension upgrade and installation service, Harv’s Tyres is your first choice. We use top quality brands and parts for all our lift kit installations and pride ourselves on finding the right solution for your vehicle.

What is a lift kit?

A lift kit is an additional component to your suspension, which increases your vehicle’s ride height, wheel travel, load capacity, and overall suspension performance. Lift kits are matched specifically to your vehicle type, model, and the terrain it will be tackling. Typically, a lift kit will include coil or leaf springs, longer travel shocks, and fitting components.

When choosing a lift kit for your vehicle, make sure you have it ordered and fitted by a professional service such as Harv’s Tyres. We give you peace of mind knowing you have the very best lift kit for your specific vehicle and that everything is installed safely to our high standards.

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What are the Benefits of a Suspension Lift Kit?

The biggest benefit of a lift kit is that it will improve your vehicle’s 4WD capabilities and allow you to carry greater loads. This can be useful if you often go camping or off-roading as it allows your vehicle to travel on rougher terrain and increases its ground clearance significantly.

Increased Ride Height To Tackle Off-Road Terrain

A 2-inch lift kit allows you to have a higher ground clearance to drive in places normal suspension height may not permit. Increasing your car’s ride height also means you will be able to fit larger diameter tyres. This is because the wheel arches are elevated and have additional room.

Better Control On Unsealed Roads

Finding the correct suspension lift kit for your car and the terrain you intend to drive it in will increase its control and drivability. This will give you assurance that when you take your vehicle off-road it will be able to cope with the conditions.

Improved Load Carrying Capacity

Vehicles used for camping or off-roading often have additional accessories fitted to them. This added weight to your 4WD will affect its factory standard suspension. To counteract this, your vehicle could benefit from a suspension lift kit to increase its height again and improve load carrying capacity.

Additional Wheel Travel

Wheel travel is the distance a wheel can move up and down before your suspension bottoms out. When you install a lift kit on your vehicle, you automatically increase the wheel travel distance. This means when driving in tough terrain the wheels are more likely to have contact with the ground.

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Harv's Tyres Lift Kit Process


We discuss your vehicle type, where you will be driving, and the types of terrain you drive on. This helps us to identify a suspension lift kit to suit your lifestyle and vehicle.


Once we have identified what you need to achieve with your new lift kit, we recommend the right combination that will allow you to meet your driving needs.


Our experienced team remove your existing suspension and fit your new lift kit. The installation process involves the replacement of all suspension components, including your springs and shock absorbers.

Initial Wheel Alignment

We recommend a wheel alignment at the time your new suspension lift kit is installed. Many people avoid doing this until after the suspension has ‘settled’ over hundreds to thousands of kilometres. However, this often causes tyres to wear unevenly at a rapid rate and should be avoided.

FREE Suspension Check and Wheel Alignment

To keep your new lift kit performing at its best, we offer a free suspension check and wheel alignment 5000kms after installation This allows us to reassess the effectiveness of your suspension lift kit and ensure it is operating at peak performance.


How much do lift kits cost?

The cost of a lift kit varies depending on the type and your intended purpose. Typically, suspension lift kits are used to increase off-road capability or to change the look of a vehicle. Other factors which will affect the cost of your lift kit installation include:

  • Type of work the vehicle is used for
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Type of suspension
  • Labour involved
  • Brand

The Harv's Tyres Difference

Fitting a new 4×4 lift kit to your vehicle can seem like a big decision. It can involve a great deal of time and consideration to find the best option to get the most return on investment. When you purchase and install your lift kit with Harv’s Tyres, our team takes the time to understand your needs and the capability you want to achieve from your vehicle. We discuss with you the key factors to find the ideal solution for your 4×4, including the purpose of the lift kit, optimum ride height, and budget. Harv’s Tyres takes the headaches out of your lift kit installation.

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More than just lift kits


If you’re on the hunt for new tyres, we are your one stop shop. We can install tyres on all makes and models of vehicles, and offer a great selection that fits with any budget. Stay road ready with our free 6 monthly or 10,000 km rotation and balancing for all tyres purchased from Harv’s.

Tyre Balancing

We offer a full tyre balancing service for all vehicles, using a finger plate system. This type of balancing system ensure that your vehicles tyres are up to specifications. This is especially useful for those who have aftermarket steel wheels on the 4×4’s.

Battery Testing

If you think your car battery is not working properly, stop on in and see our friendly staff for our free battery testing service. If the test shows issues with your battery, we can assist you with a range of affordable replacements.

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